In October of 2013, Andy Lopez who was just 13 years old was shot to death by Sonoma County Sheffis Deputy Erick Gelhaus. Andy was walking to a friends house carrying a toy gun designed to look like an AK-47. After being spotted by the police, they stopped and told him to drop his gun. Without allowing him enough time to properly react to the deputy’s orders, Andy was shot 7 times killing him atthe scene. It has been revealed that the deputy, Erick Gelhaus has a history of using excessive force and the Sonoma County Sheriff’s office was aware of it. He is also a firearms instructor who has been accused of having “racist and extremist tendencies and beliefs”. Last week Andy Lopez would of celebrated his 14th birthday. Instead, his family continues to fight for justice. There is an epidemic happening in our streets where police officers continue to criminalize and terrorize our black and brown community members. Continue to demand that the DA prosecute Sheriff Deputy Erick Gelhaus for his crime. PLEASE SHARE!!!!!

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Kenzo S/S 14

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Do not go to the liquor store on 90th and MacArthur, around 10-14 Black men will be standing out there with vans and they will try to snatch you up, the Arab dudes who own the liquor store are in on it do not go there during the night, if it wasn’t for my boyfriend being with me…

The police and the orphanages out here be letting Johns in, there’s one by my house (I haven’t learned the name of it yet because I never knew an orphanage was there tbh) a girl who’s a ward of the system and run in them circles told me about, she said they let dudes in and grab whatever girls they want and the Johns pay off to they pimps who be running the house.

sis i knew shit was real out there but damn smh

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twigs vouging

this is so beautiful

But okay like bitch okay

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when your man buys you your first pair of louboutins so you go to the club to act out.

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this is literally the saddest thing i have ever seen. 

does anyone know how we can help????

Spread this news to everyone. There are people who still do not know what is going on. If your city is having a #NMOS Vigil, please attend if possible (@Feministajones has the list)

Get on twitter and spread these photos, spread them on tumblr, spread them on facebook, send them to your local news

These are the photos that will not be shown on tv and trust me, there is a hell of a lot more where these photos came from

And make sure you send out love and support for the residents of Ferguson!

They r scrambling local news stations down there. Social media is one of the few news outlets that people trust and have first hand accounts of what’s going on. We gotta boost these reports. We have to wake our peers the hell up

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Naomi Campbell: Back In Brixton [x]

In this very special film, shot by Bruce Weber, we see the true roots of supermodel stardom as Naomi Campbell visits Brixton and shops for chilli sauce with Azzedine Alaia. 

Everytime I see Auntie Naomi and her mom Valerie together, I’m like









Looking like sisters and not far in age at all. 

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We mourn the loss of our friend Robin Williams, who always made us laugh and smile.

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Me too Michael, me too.


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